Introducing Your Learning Portal

When a support worker or nurse enters your home, you want to know that you can trust them to ensure your safety and understand how to assist you during their visit. As such, the competency of your support staff is the upmost priority to us here at Greenleaf Consultancy and we take steps to guarantee this.


Introducing our Sister Business: Your Learning Portal

Your Learning Portal is Greenleaf Consultancy’s sister business and the training company Greenleaf staff attend to train in everything from hygiene to palliative care. Your Learning Portal’s goal is for support staff to leave competent and job ready as they head into the healthcare industry. Specialising in Basic Health Support, Continence Assessment and more, Your Learning Portal’s leading professionals have over 40 years of experience to build and empower support staff through all of their training needs.


Face-to-face & Online

Your Learning Portal prides itself on its face-to-face experience, whether training is attended on-site or off-site. However, as the past year and a half has shown, circumstances can change and learning needs to take on a flexible approach to ensure competent workers. So, in addition to face-to-face learning, an online training portal is available cannot be fulfilled. Each online course is easily accessible through the Your Learning Portal website, just hit the Online Training Portal tab.


Most Popular Courses

Your Learning Portal’s courses are diverse and cover a wide range of topics support staff will experience on a day to day basis. However, Medication Support, Manual Handling, Diabetes Support and Safe Environments for Children and Young People are definitely the favourites. Mealtime Practices: Swallowing and Choking is also on the rise and is a great course if you need in-depth training on dysphagia, hydration, mealtime behaviours and more. Also, courses are available to support staff and individuals alike, meaning anyone can obtain a better understanding of best care practices and thorough knowledge in order to assist you to stay happy, safe and healthy.


Practicals, Hands-on Learning & Quizzes

Practicals are something Your Learning Portal truly believes in, especially when it comes to those courses that will lead to hands-on tasks out in the field. Practical elements also engage students and allow the trainers to see who may need more help or can reveal just how well a student understands what is being taught. Quizzes are also utilised in order to complete a final competency check. Due to this, students leave the training room knowing they can be confident in the skill set they work on or gain during each course.


Connect With Your Learning Portal

Greenleaf Consultancy loves being able to give our participants only the best support staff who are highly trained to ensure your safety and wellbeing each day. If you would like to know more about Your Learning Portal or the courses they offer, head to their website or call them on 0411 849 194. Also connect with them on Facebook (@yourlearningportal) and Instagram (@your_learning_portal) to get regular updates on course information or to see what students get up to.